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If your oven isn’t heating up like it used to, it may indicate a problem that requires repair. Fox Appliance Repair is here to help with your household appliances, especially when it comes to oven troubles. We’re experts in oven repair, and we can get your oven working like it used to.

We understand how important it is to get back to your normal routine. If you’re looking for a local repair man,  just give us a call right away. Our skilled technicians will quickly respond to your repair needs and make sure your oven is working at its best.

Professional Oven Repair Near Me

For years, Fox Appliance Repair has been delivering top-notch appliance repair services. Our team of experienced professionals and skilled technicians can handle all major appliance brands like Miele, KitchenAid, Samsung, LG, Viking, Maytag, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Bosch, and more. If your oven is acting up, our trained staff can quickly diagnose and fix any issues to the highest standard. We even offer free follow-up repairs if any problems pop up again. Plus, we provide same-day service calls and competitive rates. Whether you need commercial or home oven repairs, Fox Appliance Repair is the go-to choice. Feel free to reach out for a free estimate and service call fee – we’re here to help!

Fix Your Oven with Fox Appliance Repair

At Fox Appliance Repair, we are experts in the upkeep and repair of ovens and other cooking appliances. Our wide-ranging services cover:

  • Identifying and resolving issues
  • Replacement or installation of parts
  • Installation services

Our technicians focus on thorough cleaning and maintenance to enhance your oven’s performance. Opting for our services means you can anticipate excellent oven repairs and outstanding service. With our professional know-how, we can swiftly repair and bring your oven back to perfect condition.

A repair man inspecting an oven.

Expert Oven Repair Indianapolis & GIA | Get Your Appliance Back to Peak Performance

A repair man showing off a fixed microwave.

Same-Day Oven Repair

Trust Fox Appliance Repair for fast and dependable oven repair services. We know how inconvenient a broken oven can be and how much it can disrupt your daily routine. Our skilled technicians are experienced and well-trained to handle repairs for any oven brand or model, ensuring fast and effective solutions. Choose Fox Appliance Repair for quick and reliable oven repairs by experts in the field.

We Repair All Types of Ovens

Cooktop Repair

When facing issues with your cooktop, Fox Appliance Repair is your go-to for quick and reliable repair services. Whether it’s a malfunctioning burner, uneven heating, or problems with the control panel, our highly skilled technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and resolve issues with cooktops of any brand or model. We understand the disruption a faulty cooktop can cause in your kitchen routine, and our commitment is to provide efficient solutions to get your appliance back in top-notch working order. Trust Fox Appliance Repair for expert assistance with cooktop repairs, addressing a range of issues to ensure your kitchen remains functional.

A repair man inspecting a broken cooktop.
A range oven in a modern kitchen.

Range Oven Repair

If your range oven is acting up, Fox Appliance Repair is the go-to for quick and effective solutions. Range ovens can face issues like uneven temperatures, problems with ignition, or issues with the oven door and control panel. Fox Appliance Repair’s skilled technicians know how to diagnose and fix these problems for various range oven brands and models. Understanding the hassle of a malfunctioning range oven in your kitchen, Fox Appliance Repair is committed to providing expert solutions to ensure your appliance works smoothly. Trust Fox Appliance Repair for professional help with range oven repairs, resolving a variety of issues to keep your kitchen running smoothly.

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Wall Oven Repair

If your wall oven is acting up, Fox Appliance Repair is your go-to for quick and expert solutions. Wall ovens can have issues like temperature problems, faulty heating elements, or trouble with electronic controls. The skilled technicians at Fox Appliance Repair know how to figure out and fix these problems for different wall oven brands and models. Understanding how inconvenient a malfunctioning wall oven can be in your kitchen, Fox Appliance Repair is committed to providing top-quality solutions to make sure your appliance works smoothly. Count on Fox Appliance Repair for professional help with wall oven repairs, handling a variety of issues to get your kitchen back on track.

Microwave Oven Repair

If your microwave isn’t working right, Fox Appliance Repair is the reliable choice for quick and effective solutions. Microwaves can have issues like faulty door switches, problems with the turntable, or heating element glitches. The skilled technicians at Fox Appliance Repair are experts at figuring out and fixing these problems for different microwave brands and models. They understand how frustrating a malfunctioning microwave can be in your kitchen, and they’re committed to providing skilled solutions to make sure your appliance works well. Trust Fox Appliance Repair for professional assistance with microwave oven repairs.

A repair man inspecting a microwave.

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We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and strive to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with our work.


We provide a 90-day warranty on all repairs to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction with our services.

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We have a track record of positive reviews from satisfied customers, which is a testament to the quality of our work.

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Our business is licensed and insured, giving you added protection and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s more cost-effective to repair or replace an oven depends on several factors. If your oven is relatively new and the repair cost is reasonable compared to the price of a new one, repairing it may be the more economical choice. However, if your oven is old, has a history of frequent breakdowns, or if the repair cost is significant, investing in a new, more energy-efficient model could be a wiser decision for long-term savings and improved performance. It’s recommended to consult with a professional technician, like Fox Appliance Repairs to assess the specific issue and provide insights into the overall condition of your oven before making a decision.

Temperature Control Issues
One of the most common issues reported by our customers is difficulty maintaining the desired temperature in their oven, which can result in food being undercooked or overcooked and potentially pose health risks to their families. Contact our experienced technicians to ensure a safe and adequately functioning oven or cooktop.

Oven Failure
If your oven is not functioning correctly, it is recommended to seek the help of professional appliance repair services. Our skilled technicians will carefully inspect the unit to determine and replace any faulty components as required.

Oven Door Won’t Close
If you’re having difficulty shutting your oven door, there may be an issue and you should get it inspected.  Our team of experts who specialize in repairing ovens can adjust the required hardware to address any issues with the appliance and bring back its proper functionality.

Malfunctioning Oven Igniter
If you’re experiencing issues with your oven’s igniter, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experts can replace all the essential parts responsible for your ovens igniter. You can trust us to restore your oven to perfect condition.

For dependable and efficient oven repair services, Fox Appliance Repair is the ideal option. Our experienced technicians possess extensive training to address issues with ovens of any brand or model. Whether you’re encountering problems like heating element malfunctions, control panel issues, or any other oven-related concerns, Fox Appliance Repair is committed to delivering prompt and reliable solutions. With a focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on Fox Appliance Repair to skillfully diagnose and repair your oven, ensuring it functions at its best. Reach out to us for top-notch service and expertise in oven repairs.

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